Your Carpet Cleaning Professionals!

More than any other surface in your home, your carpets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. That’s because carpets absorb stains and odors to a much greater degree than hardwood and tile.

With regular servicing, carpets can maintain that fresh, clean appearance that you enjoy every day.

A Cleaning Method For Every Need

Our service is designed around you. Everything we do is with the intention of making the process as easy for you as possible.

Some examples of that include:

Minimally Invasive Cleaning: We clean every inch of carpet, including the spots under furniture. After we finish cleaning, we put all furniture back in its original place. All you have to do is open the door to let us in, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Low Moisture Technology: Our carpet cleaning machines employ low moisture technology, which greatly reduces drying time to only a few hours. We want you back in your home enjoying your freshly cleaned carpet as soon as possible, and these machines allow us to do just that.

Unique Cleaning Methods: We have a number of different carpet cleaning methods available, because every situation requires a different solution. Depending on your carpet, we have at our disposal steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and shampoo cleaning.

  • Steam Cleaning: This process is especially helpful if your family has been experiencing allergies or asthma. Hot steam and a cleaning solution are sprayed on the carpet, killing dust mites and fungi.
  • Dry Cleaning: This method is called "dry cleaning" because no water is used. Our machines work a cleaning compound into the carpet, which breaks down the dirt and grime, allowing for easy vacuuming.
  • Shampoo Cleaning: Shampoo cleaning is great for heavily soiled carpets. A cleaning solution creates foam, which works to shampoo away stains and spots.

Save time & Money!

Before you think about installing new carpet, talk to one of our specialists about cleaning the carpet you already have. Our one of a kind deep cleaning treatments could save you thousands! Here’s what you get when you choose Cleaner Steamer:

  • Most importantly, a cleaner, softer carpet!
  • Removal of harmful allergens and dust mites.
  • Our technicians use only organic materials, ensuring the safety of your children and pets.
  • Disinfection and elimination of harmful bacteria.
  • We’ll make all of those spilled drinks and pet stain disappear.
  • Wall to wall deodorizing will leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.
  • Like all of our other services, carpet cleaning carries our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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