Cleaning Perfection For Your Area Rugs

Your rug is an important part of your living space, and we treat it with the respect that it deserves.

Regardless of whether it’s a family heirloom or a machine made piece that just fits really well in the room, you can feel safe knowing that we’ll take great care in cleaning and restoring your rug.

Best of all, we offer free pick up and delivery, so you don’t have to do a thing!

Every Rug Tells Its Own Story

We clean a number of different kinds of rugs, including oriental, silk, wool, and synthetic pieces. Each requires a unique approach to ensure that the structural integrity of the rug is maintained, while removing all stains and discolouration.

Our Technique

Before we begin treating a rug, we carefully examine it to determine which kind of cleaning will be the most effective. We then begin by carefully vacuuming loose particles, and then pre-treating stains and spots.

The rug is then thoroughly washed and groomed to restore it to its former glory. Following this treatment, we hang your precious rug in a climate-controlled room to ensure proper drying.

Some Tips on Prevention

Like anything else, preventing damage to your rug is much easier than treating it. Here are some tips for keeping your rug in great shape.

  • Make sure to rotate your rugs 180 degrees once a year. This ensures that they will wear evenly.
  • Install rug pads to serve as a cushion between your rug and the floor.
  • Accidents happen, but it’s important to act quickly to keep your rug healthy. When you see a spill, immediately contact a professional to take care of it. The longer you wait, the bigger the chance of the stain becoming a permanent fixture.
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